A few words about 2019

It feels like nothing is changing – again. From day to day, our actions appear to be identical. We as people appear to be identical. Slot us into a Myers-Briggs category, slap on an attachment style, and there you go. A human. Like so many others. With the same fears and hopes and dreams and […]

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A few words on 2018

I’ve been writing these reviews since (*checks history*) 2009. And although I don’t quite feel like writing a review this year, I suspect I’ll regret breaking the only tradition I seem to hold on to, at some point in the future. I’m doing this for you, future-Evija. So here we go. As years go, it […]

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A few words on 2017

First of all, this is not a review where I will state once again how much I travelled, all the people I’ve met, new experiences etc etc… This, my friends, is an inner monologue. Without a red thread. Reading some of my older reviews, while thinking about the last 365 days, I found two things […]

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a few words about feelings

Feelings are funny. Out of nowhere, they come and sweep you up. Whether you are aware or not, they take you on a journey, and you kind of have to accept it. Of course, if you’re one of those lucky, emotionally intelligent people, you might know where you are heading and why. You might even […]

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A few words on 2016

This year has been a year of failure for us all. And that’s ok – as long as people don’t let failure be the last drop. However, I fear it might. With our society moving further away from the mentality that broken things should be fixed, rather than thrown away, I’m worried that’s what we’re doing […]

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46 days in Montréal

I barely want to write about Montréal. Out of pure fear. Fear it will become like New York or London. Or that bar I went to in Prague 4 years ago. Where the raving reviews became the end of it. I mean, it’s still there. Thriving revenue wise. But the soul is gone. Yet I feel […]

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“Wish you were here” applies

To sum up week 1 in Montréal and the cool spaces I’ve visited. Rue Saint-Catherine Aires Libres art installation Village au pied-du-courant Quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve – our neighbourhood! Extremely happy we chose to live here – such a vibrant area with great bars, markets, shops. Santropol Roulant Non-profit community spot, with an awesome building and a urban […]

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Montréal: Week 1 in food

Le Bier Markt  This downtown spot ticket all of our boxes: great atmosphere, extensive beer and – behold – cider menu, and the FOOD! Oh the food. The smell itself got my knees weak. It’s like a classy sports bar but with waitresses in short dresses. Despite their silly uniform, they were really nice. Bless […]

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